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Win a $100.00 shopping credit!

We are looking for pictures of you in your Habitat. Tell us where you are, what you’re doing, why you love what you’re wearing. We want you and your personality to shine through. We love real women, leading real lives in Habitat clothes.

Our goal is to get to know you better, to connect with you more so that when we design new collections, we have you and your lifestyle in the forefront of our minds.

It’s so fun and rewarding for us to see all of you living your lives in Habitat clothes. It’s really thrilling for my design team and for me.

So please submit your favorite pictures (as many as you like). All submissions will be posted on our website. On the last day of the month, our design team will select one photo that really stands out. This photo will be featured and the winner will be awarded a $100.00 shopping credit.

The easiest way to enter is by using our submission for below. You can also enter by using any of the following ways.

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