Fall 2018 Inspiration

There is no easy answer to the question “What’s your inspiration?” It’s everywhere, everyday, every waking (and sleeping) moment. It’s coming at me from all directions.

I try to stay open to it all, let it filter through and settle in. I picture the woman who loves Habitat and then ask myself, “Would she wear this?”, “How will she wear it?”, “How will it flow into her lifestyle?” You continue to be my most important inspiration.

This Fall, like most, has so many new textures, colors, yarns, buttons, and shapes. It’s difficult to narrow down, edit, edit again and then finally see the best rise to the top. It always does though. It’s just getting there that’s the challenge.

1. Textures

My favorite thing about Fall Fabrics is texture. Texture forgives our figures, enhances deeper Fall color palettes and adds nuance and interest to the basic tried and true shapes we love.

2. Colors

I focus on skin complexions more than any color authority. While mustard and cinnamon are all the rage this Fall, a little goes a long way and my practical side always wins out. I love saturated brights because they enhance most complexions. A good dose of black, natural and heather gray round out our color palette for the season.

3. Yarns

Yum!!! is all I can say. Nubby, lofty, bouncy yarns make for gorgeous light weight sweaters. You get the look of a hand-knit without all that bulk. I’m not a fan of wool so I always look for yarns with tons of texture and NO WOOL. We’re also getting so many requests for cotton sweaters so we’ve taken this basic yarn and jazzed it up with novelty styling and of course, super cute buttons.

4. Buttons

My obsession with buttons continues. I love vintage buttons and prints and have quite a collection from my trips to the Brimfield flea market. There’s nothing like a great button, chosen specifically with fabric and style in mind. To me, it makes a style my own.

5. Shapes

Tops are getting short, bottoms are getting wide. I’m not quite there yet. So I imagine you might not be either. One trend that works well for lots of bodies is sleeve detail. Sleeve pleats, ties, buttons, ruching, you name it, it’s a fun little detail and it freshens up a basic. I’m also warming up to a slightly feminine (not too sweet) shape. A little sheering at the back, some swing at the sleeve opening or hemline; a little movement. It’s pretty. Then there’s the 90’s big huge boxy stuff on the runways. I can’t wait for that to feel right again. I just bought a tremendous sweatshirt in NYC. It swallows me up completely. Maybe next year I’ll add something like it to the line. Not ready yet.

Suzanne Connelly - Owner, Habitat Clothes

About Suzanne

I design my collection for real women leading real lives. We all want to look relevant and current, but in our own way, reflecting our own sense of self and style. While I’m guilty of pouring over the latest fashion magazines, I’m often thinking, “Who wears that?”. I aim to enhance your style, not dictate it.

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    Janet Van De Carr

    I love Habitat clothes! Often when i am wearing one of your tops someone will comment on the attractive buttons, it is one of my favorite parts of your collections.

    Although styles may be getting shorter I appreciate the fact that you are keeping longer tops in your collections. My figure doesn’t work well with short tops so please always keep some in your line!
    Thanks for making attractive, comfortable and stylish clothes you can wear anywhere!

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    Hi Suzanne! I have found you at Zinnia’s in Scotts Valley, CA. TG!! Good work!

    I’ve worn a Habitat navy plaid top more times than I will admit, this spring and summer. Perfect! (Oh, I did have to take it in a bit in the mid area. But I sew, so no prob.

    You will see me again! Thanks!!

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    Just ordered my tenth Habitat top (a cool weather one) to round out all seasons
    in my closet. I travel a lot. Your fabrics pack and wear beautifully! Have purchased
    regularly since happily discovering them (in a Cedarburg, WI store).

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    The few items I have bought are really nice but because of the very dark or very light colors I don’t buy much. I am fair skinned and the colors are not flattering for me. Those beautiful blues at the top of the article are lovely. I love rose darker pinks etc. Also I am small and don’t care for the oversized look.

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