Fall 2020 Inspiration

Welcome to our Fall 2020 season.

I’m always searching for the perfect location for our seasonal photoshoots. When I discovered Windy Knob Farm, a breathtaking 217-acre estate circa 1810, comprised of 3 homes, 2 barns, rolling pastures and many trails, I knew I’d found the backdrop for our Fall photoshoot.

I settled right into the familiar rustic textures, old world charm and natural beauty of this tranquil setting. Growing up in an old New England home circa 1783, I felt right at home in the main house on the property.  It’s a special location that brought me back to my childhood and the days when life was simpler.

One of my favorite things to do during the fall season is antiquing.  I love antiques and have been known to drag my husband from one shop to the next on the north shore of Massachusetts. The hunt for vintage textiles and buttons, woodcut relief prints and most anything dusty is thrilling. Something about the warmth of an old, worn in object makes me feel connected to the past in a way that is soothing and grounding. When I’m designing the fall line, the warmth of these colors and textures is brought to life through the fabrics and yarns I choose for the Habitat collection.

As you browse through our Fall line, I hope you feel the same warmth and joy in the fall season that I do. The early signs of Fall, the crisp morning air, a cozy top and a good cup of coffee with friends on the back patio are the simple things I might have taken for granted just a year ago.  Whether you’re living the simple life or a life on the go, we hope you’ll be doing it in a cozy Habitat outfit. We believe that no matter how good you look, if you don’t feel good, you won’t live in it. We hope you’ll live in our clothes.

About Suzanne

I design my collection for real women leading real lives. We all want to look relevant and current, but in our own way, reflecting our own sense of self and style. While I’m guilty of pouring over the latest fashion magazines, I’m often thinking, “Who really wears that?”. I aim to enhance your style, not dictate it.

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