Inspired By Simplicity

Italy was even better than I had imagined. Rich and I enjoyed ten beautiful days traveling throughout the country, taking in incredible historical sites while walking down the same cobblestone streets people walked down in the 15th century. We woke up each day ready for adventure and open to where the day might take us. I feel refreshed, recharged and filled with inspiration. What more could anyone ask for?

The Highlights

We loved the beauty of the intricate facades against the bright blue sky, the gorgeous Italian art, and of course, THE FOOD!!! We even took in a Vivaldi concert at a church that was built almost 600 years ago. It was one of those nights you never forget.

I will also never forget running into 3 women wearing Habitat in Italy! I couldn’t help but ask them where they were from and snap a quick picture. I just love these ladies.

My first habitat sighting on Ponte Vecchio! Love this lady! She says she packs Habitat whenever she travels!

Finding Inspiration

Of course, throughout the trip, I was in search of inspiration for you; for new fabrics, new shapes, new colors and what’s next for us. And I found so much!

What resonated with me was the simplicity of Italian style. I was drawn to the clean lines that felt so fresh. I loved the simple shapes, oversized and impactful, combined with the elegance and restraint of one special detail; a perfectly placed dropped shoulder, or the richness of saturated colors. You’ll see this influence in many of our current fall styles.

As I begin to put together the Fall 2019 collection you will see some elements of shape taking on more prominence, the richness of plush colors like magenta and the power of that one simple detail.

When I left for my trip, my closet was filled with Summer clothes. Now it’s time to officially make the shift to Fall. If you’re like me, you crave clothes that have as much style as they do practicality. Items with a certain joie de vivre that enhance what’s already in your closet and match your lifestyle.

Here are some of my favorites. I hope you enjoy and find something that works well for you. It’s my focus here each and every day.

Suzanne Connelly - Owner, Habitat Clothes

About Suzanne

I design my collection for real women leading real lives. We all want to look relevant and current, but in our own way, reflecting our own sense of self and style. While I’m guilty of pouring over the latest fashion magazines, I’m often thinking, “Who wears that?”. I aim to enhance your style, not dictate it.

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