Summer 2020 Collection

Summer Inspiration

I grew up on the ocean in a tiny fishing town in Massachusetts. It’s always been a strong influence on my design esthetic. Anything related to the ocean moves me to the core. I found our Under the Sea Tunic Shirt Fish print at a show in NYC and knew I had to have it on a few of our cotton shirt styles. From there I built our blue color palette using beautiful vintage shibori dyed fabrics I found at The Brimfield antiques show. I love using real shell and coconut buttons for a natural seaside feel. This Spring I’ve combined sand and sea shell toned neutrals with pops of white, black and honeysuckle. Throw these on with your white or khaki jeans, a flip flop or espadrille and you’re good to go.  As I always say, “You are my design inspiration.” I’m always thinking of new fun ways to dress you, to inspire you to feel your best and your most comfortable.





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