Summer Slim Down – No Diet Required

Just in time for warm “What the heck am I going to wear?” weather. Tips for those of us who’ve hidden an extra few pounds all winter with fluffy sweaters and beefy tunics. Suddenly it’s hot out. Yikes!
No worries, we’ve got the perfect summer slim down tricks, NO DIET REQUIRED!

While shopping look for:

1. Slightly Shaped Styles

Not fitted. There’s a big difference. It’s amazing what just a little shaping thru the waist (even just an inch or two) can do to suggest a waistline where there isn’t one. Look for center back or front seams for subtle shaping at the waist.

2. Textured Fabrics With Stretch

Try a new textured fabric for Spring. We love all the new crinkle fabrics with a hint of spandex. These no iron required fabrics camouflage any bumps or bulges and stretch with you for all day comfort and confidence.

Our pocket tunic is the perfect blend of slightly shaped and textured:

3. Hi Lo Swing Shirts

For apple shaped figures the swing shirt is your best bet. The artsy appeal of a slightly rounded front hem and a dropped back also flatter the hip area nicely.

You can find our best example of this cut below:

4. The Most Flattering Size

Buying clothing too big (trying to cover everything up) or too small (hoping you’ll drop a few pounds) is a common mistake. Relaxed styling with a bit of wiggle room is the most flattering and most comfortable on all body types. You won’t look poured in to or swallowed up by your clothing.


5. The Right Shoe Can Make All The Difference

Rubber soled, totally flexible wedges, platforms and chunky heels are all trending right now. What a perfect way to add height and still maintain all day comfort. Check out the Tamaris Alis mule and Alis healed Sandal my current favorites or Fly London’s Jam, a super comfortable wedge sole with metallic leather upper. Fashion and comfort are alive and well!

Whatever you do, don’t fret. We’re right here with you. Enjoy the summer. Fried clams, ice cream cones and all!!

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    I LOVE Habitat clothing! I have purchased a number of items over the years and have nothing but raves about the fabric, construction, design and durability of your wonderful line of clothes ~ and it makes me look great, which is so appreciated!

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