Fall 2022 Inspiration

I love to write about my mom so I thought I’d share a few stories you might find interesting as they impact my design aesthetic daily. My first memories of loving color, pattern, design and style came from watching my mom. Everyday was a new adventure. She could be found wallpapering the living room, reupholstering [...]

Spring 2022 Inspiration

I’m often asked, “what is your inspiration?”, to which my first thought is, “where to begin…?” Designing is a lot like sailing. It takes patience, foresight, and agility. When the wind kicks in and the sails are perfectly full, the thrill of heeling is well worth the wait. That is, until the wind shifts. It [...]

Fall 2021 Design

Welcome to Fall 2021. What a summer it’s been! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed being with family and friends and feeling some sense of normalcy again. As fall approaches, I look forward to extending the season outdoors on the patio for as long as I possibly can. Thanks to al fresco everything, fall “transition” has a whole [...]

Spring 2021

Let’s Spring! I can’t wait to get dressed again! This past Friday I joined a few friends outside for coffee. This was our pre-COVID-19 Friday ritual until we had to stop for the better part of a year. Missing our get togethers, we decided to brave the cold with electric blankets on the front porch. [...]

Happier than ever to ring in the New Year!

Living in the moment has taken on new meaning in 2020. While I can’t help but wish away time until we are all vaccinated, one silver lining are the moments I have with my adult children who are home again due to COVID restrictions. My son actually loads the dishwasher and does some grocery shopping. […]

Fall 2020 Inspiration

Welcome to our Fall 2020 season. I’m always searching for the perfect location for our seasonal photoshoots. When I discovered Windy Knob Farm, a breathtaking 217-acre estate circa 1810, comprised of 3 homes, 2 barns, rolling pastures and many trails, I knew I’d found the backdrop for our Fall photoshoot. I settled right into the [...]

Spring 2020 Inspiration

Like most of you I’m thrilled with the prospect of Spring. Could it really be March in another week?? I can't wait to get back to the water's edge.  I grew up on the ocean in a tiny fishing town in Massachusetts. It's always been a strong influence on my design esthetic. Anything related to [...]

Gratitude and Joy

Recently I discovered Brené Brown and her Ted Talk on “The Power of Vulnerability”.  During this episode, she discusses the close connection between gratitude and joy. In the talk she says, “Practicing gratitude invites joy into our lives”, which really stayed with me.  I now try to be conscience of practicing joy and gratitude everyday.  […]

Less is More

This week, we moved our daughter Liv to NYC to start a 6 month co-op job at a luxury fashion event production company. As the big day approached, the packing began. Mountains of clothing, piles of shoes and endless accessories were “edited” to accommodate the tiny space she will cohabit. After much culling down, Liv […]

Creativity: Runs in the Family

My brother, Chris Williams, is a metal Sculptor. Recently he completed Phase One of an incredible studio in the woods of Essex, Massachusetts to house his many vintage tools, machinery and ongoing commissioned projects. It’s a really cool place with beautiful, warm surfaces, interesting textures, and huge bronze sculptures of everything from dragons to giraffes. […]

Tusinski Gallery and Habitat Clothes

I met Karen, the owner and creative mastermind behind the Tusinski Gallery, about 15 yrs ago. She was the first artist I started collecting. We were both at a turning point in our careers. I had started Habitat and she was being featured in local galleries in Rockport. We hit it off immediately. I loved her paintings […]

How Slub Yarns Add Character To Clothing

"I Love Old Things!" My mom used to say every room in your house should have something old in it. It adds character. I think of this when I design the line. Character, uniqueness and authenticity are things I strive for. What Is Slub Yarn? When I choose yarns for sweaters and knit tops I always [...]

A Sincere Thank You From All Of Us At Habitat Clothes

"I'm Learning So Much From All Of You" I’d like to pause today as we enter this celebratory season of gratitude to express my thanks to all of you. I’m grateful to have so many of you reach out to me with your feedback, likes, dislikes and ideas through social media. I’m listening and learning [...]

Thanksgiving Tradition Is Alive And Well

Thanksgiving Then Fall is my favorite time of year. I love the chill in the air, the holidays just around the corner, and the nostalgia that comes with memories of my grandmother cooking Thanksgiving dinner. Back then, my grandmother started preparing a few weeks in advance. She’d start by bringing out the special serving dishes, [...]

Inspired By Simplicity

Italy was even better than I had imagined. Rich and I enjoyed ten beautiful days traveling throughout the country, taking in incredible historical sites while walking down the same cobblestone streets people walked down in the 15th century. We woke up each day ready for adventure and open to where the day might take us. [...]

The Cure For a Recovering Packaholic

My husband Rich and I are leaving for Italy in a week for a long overdue vacation.

The Small Batch Life

“Craft” Brewers, “Farm-to-Table” Restaurants, “Artisanal” Cheeses… It’s not just the latest trend, it’s a lifestyle.

Inspiration Series: O’Keeffe

When I heard that the Georgia O’Keeffe exhibition was at The Peabody Essex Museum I couldn’t wait to go. Who better than O’Keeffe exemplified indie spirit in the 1920’s seamlessly through her art, home decor AND her clothing.

Featured Boutique: Green Ink

Bethany Mazza, owner at Green Ink boutique in Wickford RI, has been carrying Habitat clothing for 20 years! Who better to talk with about the importance of Shopping Local, what women really want and the art of listening to her customers.

Enhancing Your Body Shape

To me fashion is as much about geometry as it is anything else. The challenge is to take the many shapes and sizes we all come in and work to find fabrics and shapes to enhance all our different bodies.

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