Creativity: Runs in the Family

My brother, Chris Williams, is a metal Sculptor. Recently he completed Phase One of an incredible studio in the woods of Essex, Massachusetts to house his many vintage tools, machinery and ongoing commissioned projects. It’s a really cool place with beautiful, warm surfaces, interesting textures, and huge bronze sculptures of everything from dragons to giraffes. I thought it would be fun to shoot our Fall 2019 Collection in the studio. It’s the most inspiring place for me. I love to see what Chris is working on. He is a magician with bronze! I can’t seem to figure out how he visualizes and then bends metal to create pieces that have personalities all their own. My brother has empowered me to push the limits of design and to believe that anything is possible. I thought you’d enjoy learning more about his artistic journey. Thank you Chris!


Habitat model, Navya with Suzanne’s brother, Chris Williams

Chris: I’m a laid back tee-shirt-and-jeans kind of guy trying to understand how life goes so fast. Suzanne, always interested in trends and style, would pile everything possible on her plate to see and do. She was always the “driven one.” So as we both found our way, it seemed I always played the “catch up” role.

Through my 20’s I was riding vintage Harleys through the mountains of New Hampshire while Suzanne was earning her degree at Simmons College. From the beginning, she just seemed to know there was something out there she could dive into and make an impact with. 

Our family is a bit like the show, Shark Tank. We hold competitive conversations over Thanksgiving dinner about choosing successful paths. We are all entrepreneurs, one by one pitching our ideas and feeling the brutal truth as it is reflected back on us as “Constructive Criticism.” To this day, we coach each other and thicken each other’s skin. It was during one of these talks that Suzanne asked me about my leather biker jacket. She said it was cool and authentic and she wanted to find one like it. That was an odd request coming from my clean cut sister… Go figure! I gave her the jacket and left on my Harley thinking, “She always surprises me.”     

When she started Habitat Clothing, we all knew she would be a force to be reckoned with. She always set big goals and met them again, and again. At the same time I started to set some goals of my own in the direction of sculpture. I knew there was a creative path in front of me, too. Suzanne was so encouraging and  continually asked me what I was working on. Coming from the family point girl, this meant a lot to me. 

While Suzanne was in Boston trend seeking, I was in my Dad’s workshop welding together old rusty metal. Our lifestyles certainly contrasted but she always understood and appreciated what I was doing. “Big sister stuff” maybe, but to this day she still wants to make sure I’m succeeding.     

Recently Suzanne asked if she could use my art studio to shoot her Fall Collection. She arrived on the day of the shoot with an entourage of photographers, models hair and makeup people and racks of clothing. I was quickly drawn to a sweater she was calling confetti— the yarn was really interesting, it was edged with a stitch that gave definition to the shape of the sweater. I felt an instant connection to her creative language. As more pieces were photographed, I couldn’t help but think about how much fun she must be having designing everything. 

Confetti Funnel Neck Sweater      Confetti Pocket V-Neck Sweater

I’ve been a sculptor now for 25 years. I see everything in shapes, textures and colors very much the same way my sister does. She is truly an artist. 

Like I said,  I’m still just trying to catch up. 


View Chris’ work here:


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