Less is More

This week, we moved our daughter Liv to NYC to start a 6 month co-op job at a luxury fashion event production company. As the big day approached, the packing began. Mountains of clothing, piles of shoes and endless accessories were “edited” to accommodate the tiny space she will cohabit. After much culling down, Liv determined there were 2 key trend pieces she was missing—the strong-shouldered boyfriend blazer and a high-waisted trouser.

My mind raced back to 1986, the year I splurged on my very first DKNY blazer. A few years later, I purchased a Donna Karan suit featuring a trouser pant and short waisted jacket… I wore them a million times! They’ve been hanging in my closet for over 30 years and I just couldn’t part with them. To my complete shock, Liv tried them on and LOVED them. They fit her like a glove!

This got me thinking about how differently we think about clothing today. Clothing wasn’t disposable. It was exciting to shop and unusual to find something beautiful that would stand the test of time. In my mid 20’s my practical side embraced wearable, well made, comfortable clothing as much as it does today. I still want fewer pieces in my closet. Each piece has to feel special, express who I am and must pass my practicality test, “Will I live in this? Will it hold up? Wash well?”

When I’m designing I can’t help but think about how each piece will be worn, how it will feel, how it will wash and wear and ultimately, how it will hold up season after season. I aim to design your favorite pieces… the ones you truly live in.

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